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Viva Ice Cream! Fall River Ice Cream Tour

Jul 12, 2023 | Eat & Drink Blog, Visit

Words to live by! Seen at Nonno’s Ice Cream Shoppe

I scream, you scream – well, you know the rest! Fall River has some great ice cream and frozen treat options – so why are we always hearing about places outside the city? It’s time to put Fall River on the map this summer and highlight the options within city limits!

Never fear, Viva Fall River is here to help you find the best spots in Fall River for a sweet treat to beat the heat (or a delicious frozen dessert that can be enjoyed any time of the year!) it was a tough job, as you can imagine eating ice cream for research would be, but our map offers 18 unique locations to find ice cream or ice cream-inspired menu items at some great locations in Fall River. So get ready for icy goodness, but, take it slow. We can’t be responsible for any brain freezes that result!




How to Do the Tour

Any which way you please! Click on the ice cream cone icon on the Google Map above to get information about each of the 16 restaurants listed below. The pop-ups give you a preview of what you can expect to find at each location, as well as pertinent contact information. As you plan your trip, please take note of the posted hours of operation. Some locations are closed mid-week or open later in the day. We also suggest giving the location a quick call before you head out; as the seasons change, hours may also be altered. We don’t want you to waste your time or miss out on these delights!

Tour Locations (in alphabetical order)

Click on the ice cream cone icon on the map above to get information about each of the restaurants listed below. 

  • Avo’s Feast
  • Big Bazaar Indian Grocery
  • Daou Tesoro’s Supermarket
  • Dorothy Cox’s Chocolates & Ice Cream
  • Duke’s Bakery
  • Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop
  • Fall River Carousel Creamery
  • Friendly’s
  • Ice N’ Roll
  • Joe-Mags New York Style Icees
  • Newport Creamery
  • POP-Culture
  • Seagull Scoops
  • Sr. Marie Restaurant Fall River
  • Sweet Town Sweet Treat at NE Homemade Donuts
  • Tu Bodega Latina Food Market
  • What’s Up Cupcake – Food Truck
  • Yogurt City Frozen Yogurt

Reel Yummy – Fall River Ice Cream Tour Video Series

What would Fall River’s signature ice cream flavor be? Is it jimmies, or sprinkles? Get the answers to these questions and more and meet some of the ice cream makers and shoppe owners in our short video reels, featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages! Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek!