Viva Fall River

Viva Fall River is a community-based arts, culture, and creative economy effort to increase support for arts, culture, and businesses and expand resources available to do cool things here in the city.

Viva Fall River is a Movement.

We seek to engage residents, businesses, and community organizations to identify and celebrate the unique qualities of the city, including arts, ethnic and cultural traditions, creative businesses, and events and food. 

Upcoming Events

Fall River Museum of Contemporary ArtPLAY

There’s lots of things to love about Fall River, MA!

Just ask The Harveys, international artist entrepreneurs, natives who are rediscovering a place they call “home” — this time as homeowners and co-founders/curators at the Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art! They’re making it happen in Fall River and enjoying all that the City has to offer…and so can you!


Fall River Makes it Happen VideoPLAY

Fall River, MA Makes it Happen

When COVID-19 hit, the business owners and social service agencies in one small New England city banded together on food relief initiatives to help the less fortunate members of their community. This is the story of Fall River, MA and the people who there who “make it happen”, whatever the circumstances.


Are you a Fall River small business owner or interested in supporting economic development in the city?

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