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Have a taste for adventure? Take a self-guided meat pie tour of Fall River

Mar 28, 2022 | Eat & Drink Blog, Press, Small Business, Visit

Have a taste for adventure? Take a self-guided meat pie tour of Fall River

Viva Fall River is highlighting some of the city’s favorite stops for meat pies.

FALL RIVER — The aroma of pies filled Patti Rego’s car for a good week — a not-so-unpleasant experience — and it was all for a good cause.

“It was a tough job,” joked Rego, who served as sole taste-tester for Viva Fall River’s latest mouthwatering project. “The things I do for the city.” 

The Viva Fall River director recently embarked on a culinary journey of the city’s go-to pie places — with a focus on the savory, not sweet kind — and wants you to do the same.

Rego and her team have charted the course to seven delicious destinations on the city’s meat pie circuit as part of their Self-Guided Meat Pie Tour set to debut this week on Viva Fall River’s website and social media platforms.

You may be asking yourself: Wait, Fall River has a meat pie circuit? It does now.

“It’s meant to be a fun, attractive culinary adventure,” said Rego of the group’s latest effort to draw tourists to the city.

“People will go out and search for these unique experiences and we definitely have unique experiences here waiting for people so it was a no brainer,” she added.

Rego put herself in the shoes of first-time patrons — a few times she was one herself — sampling pies and chatting with owners about their business and what each place has to offer.

Participants can find a Google Map and links to YouTube videos of her visits to each meat pie tour stop on the Viva Fall River website at You can also follow on Facebook and TikTok. 

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