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Fall River area benefits from $1.5T Fed spending package

Mar 18, 2022 | Small Business

Jo C. Goode
Published March 18, 2022


FALL RIVER — The $1.5 trillion spending package passed by the House last week will give a boost to a number of projects in the SouthCoast, one of which will help bolster Fall River’s waterfront redevelopment.

It’s a project that Mayor Paul Coogan’s administration has been working on for some time, and now with a $1.5 million earmark in the huge spending plan, it will likely come to fruition and provide much-needed parking and open space along the Taunton River.

Coogan said he has been in negotiations with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to relocate the two giant salt sheds the state agency owns, located under the Braga Bridge and across from Battleship Cove.

The administration has identified a relocation spot for the two sheds, which hold a total of 24,000 tons of salt, to the area around the former Sam’s Club on Brayton Avenue, now owned by the US Bedding manufacturing plant.

“Where the salt sheds are now, is obviously prime parking for the water- front,” said Coogan. “We showed DOT the spot we identified for them with its easy access to Route 24 and I-195. The plan I have is for a swap.”

“Now we have the funding mechanism. It’s going to be beneficial for that whole area down there. It’s going to be good.”

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