Blount Fine Foods has big plans for Fall River. Here’s what we know.

Oct 27, 2022 | Small Business

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The Herald News
FALL RIVER — When Blount Fine Foods first expanded to the Fall River Industrial Park from its original Warren, R.I., facility in 2004, they employed 75 people. Back then, the company that started out in the clam and oyster business was known as Blount Seafood.

Today, Blount, which is now a national company that has increased its product line to soup and other comfort foods, employees 1,100 people in Fall River, holds 60 percent of the national share of the fresh soup market and is in the process of a $65 million expansion here in the city.

President and co-owner Todd Blount, whose company spans five generations and dates back to the 1800s, indicated on a recent tour of the 250,000-square-foot facility on Graham Road, that Fall River has been a great fit for Blount’s headquarters.

“The Fall River part of the story is excellent, pretty much all through the system. The people, the location, the city. Now that we’ve expanded throughout the country, it’s still the best, economics wise,” said Blount.

In addition to the Rhode Island and Fall River plants, Blount has production facilities in McKinney, Texas and Portland, Oregon, the later of which opened in 2021. 

The multi-million expansion in Fall River will add another 39,000 square feet to its facility and, the installation of a fifth giant chiller and high-tech upgrades to the company’s packaging capabilities.

Blount said the investment will add at least 70 more jobs to its workforce in the city over a span of seven years.

“That way we can cook higher quality, and technically faster,” said Blount. “It’s fast and clean and fully automated.”

“The jobs that go with it are high-tech jobs. Instead of me putting a cup in a box, I’m running a machine. All the new jobs are higher skilled, higher pay.”

Blount’s retail growth

About 55 percent of the fine food production for retail brands like Panera and Legal Seafood is done in Fall River, said Blount.

After selling its clam business in 2012, the company started targeting the retail end of its production, selling to grocery stores and club stores across the country.

“We’ve been growing at an average rate of 20 percent since 2000,” said Blount.

Research and development of new products is conducted by a culinary and quality control staff in a state-of-the-art kitchen at the Fall River facility that includes expanded food items under the Blount Fine Foods and the Blount Clam Shack labels.


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