Viva Fall River

Viva Murals: Public Art in Fall River

May 9, 2024 | Attractions, Visit

In 2022, Viva Fall River, the Fall River Arts & Culture Coalition, and the Fall River Public Schools partnered with Beyond Walls to produce three (3) large world-class murals in Fall River. Beyond Walls is a non-profit placemaking agency that introduces public art and curated experiences into the fabric of our communities by partnering with local organizations, municipalities, community members and experts to design, produce and manage projects and programs. 

To learn more about the project, view the video below and visit the Viva Project Page on the Beyond Walls website.

We Here, 2022
By ADD FUEL/@addfuel
207 Pocasset St. Upper Wall
Shared Water, 2022
By Kevin Ledo and Apt Arts for One Blue Sky Project/@kevinledo @samystan @aptarts
Doran Community School, 101 Fountain St.

Block Calico, 2022
By Greg Pennisten/@_gregwashere_
207 Pocasset St, Lower Wall