Viva Fall River

They make that here: Sandcastle custom furniture brings its unique vibe to Fall River mill

Mar 2, 2023 | Small Business, Visit

Sandi Castleman and Daniel Gibney in the studio at Sandcastle. Photo by Colin Furze.

by Dan Medeiros – The Herald News

FALL RIVER — The city’s mills were once the epitome of mass production, but inside a space that once held the country’s largest textile companies, two people working side-by-side produce custom-made items that are one of a kind.

Sandi Castleman and Daniel Gilbey own Sandcastle, a custom furniture company at 104 Anawan St. that for the past 35 years has created everything from business and restaurant displays to tables to radiator covers — even cat habitats. Everything they make is built to order and crafted by hand.

Sandcastle moved from the Boston area to the Anawan Street mill building — once a storehouse for the American Print Works — three years ago.

“I knew nothing about Fall River when we came here,” Castleman said. “I just knew we wanted a mill space, and we didn’t want to go north.”

They fell in love with the vibe at the Anawan Street mill, and filled their workspace with their creations and collections — everything from midcentury kitsch to their own art. They’ve since decided to live here, too.

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