Viva Fall River

Signs of Life – Viva Fall River Working to Revitalize South Main St.

Sep 15, 2021 | Small Business, Viva Downtown

FALL RIVER — Anyone who’s driven down South Main Street recently has likely seen the mural pro-
claiming “Viva Fall River.” It’s part of an initiative that emerged last year to promote the city, both to potential visitors and its own residents.

“It’s about feeling that connection, that ‘this is your city, too,’” said Patti Rego.

Rego recently became the district director for Viva Fall River, a burgeoning organization that’s become a banner for publicizing the city’s downtown businesses and cultural attractions. It’s funded through the Transformative District Initiative, a program through state agency MassDevelopment to revitalize specific regions in mid-size cities across the state. In Fall River, the targeted area includes two sections of South Main Street, and it has unofficially extended to the area around Bank Street and Purchase Street off North Main Street.

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