Publicly Accessible Art in Fall River

Oct 24, 2021 | Arts & Culture

Public Art is often used as a catch-all term to describe murals, street art, statues, lighting art, etc., in the public realm. In fact, all of those things are better described as “publicly accessible art” because in the most cities, private art efforts that are funded privately and often on private buildings or spaces, make up some of the most exciting of creative endeavors that everyone can enjoy. Public art technically refers to that art which is owned, controlled, and maintained by the City, but we have included some privately commissioned pieces in the list below. As always, if we’ve missed anything, please email us and let us know!

The map below is a work in progress. (Click to enlarge)


  1. Veterans Memorial Bicentennial Park
    — World War II Memorial by Maya Lin
    — Iwo Jima Monument creator unknown
    — Manuel F Claudio Memorial creator unknown
    — Vietnam Memorial Wall creator unknown
    — Korean War Memorial creator unknown
  2. Cornerstone Sculpture Project About Diversity by Barney Zeitz – Government Center, corner of S. Main St and Sullivan Dr.
  3. Quequechan Waterfall (behind WOW! Work Out World of Fall River)
  4. The path of memories: cleaning the makeup by Elian Chali (Green St)
  5. Hortensia Hydrangea Project (Government Center)
  6. Mural for Fabric Festival by Bráulio Amado – So. Main St.
  7. Jagged Tears by Rene Gagnon – So. Main St.
  8. The History of Fall River by Munir D. Mohammed – Rodman St @ So Main
  9. Famous People Mural by Ed Capeau – Second St @ Spring St.
  10. Statue of Lafayette creator unknown – Lafayette Park
  11. Prince Henry the Navigator Statue by Aristide Berto Cianfarani – Eastern Avenue
  12. Mariano S. Bishop Memorial creator unknown – Notre Dame Cemetery
  13. Viva Fall River mural at the Viva Pop-Up, crated by Jose Menendez, Tatiana Gomez, and YEAH! Corps – So Main St @ Columbia St
  14. Viva Fall River mural by HalfStudio, Greg Penniston for FABRIC Arts Festival – Kay Building, Hartwell St.
  15. Post Discussion by WSDIA – Quequechan River Rail Trail
  16. Collection of Pieces at Jerry Lawton Plaza/Cherry & Webb building (428 Anawan Street)
    > Untitled 2006 by Joseph Guevara
    > Untitled Piece by Creator Unknown
    > Untitled Piece 2002 by Rene Gagnon
    > Untitled Metal Sculpture by Creator Unknown


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