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It’s in the Bag – Fall River leather manufacturer adding a new women’s brand

Sep 15, 2021 | Small Business

FALL RIVER — The fifth floor of Tower Mill on Quarry Street is populated by alligators, pythons and French bulls, or, more specifically, their hides.

Fall River native Frank Clegg — with the assistance of sons Andrew and Ian and a full-time staff of 15 employees — utilizes the animal skins to create a high-end line of duffle bags, briefcases, handbags, back- packs and accessories such as belts and wallets.

Prices at Frank Clegg Leatherworks start at $40 for a bullhide fountain pen sheath. An American alligator hold all bag, on the other hand, sells for a cool $16,000.

Most of the stitched, cut and finished products, however, are fashioned from bullhide.

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