Viva Fall River

It’s Fall River v. New Bedford in a monthlong Portuguese pastry throwdown

Jan 31, 2023 | Press, Visit

The sister cities are engaging in a friendly food fight to see which spot has the best egg tart.

By Lauren Daley Globe Correspondent

They’re sister cities known for their Portuguese culture and food — and now they’re engaging in some friendly sibling rivalry to see which has the best tart.

Starting Feb. 1, it’s Fall River vs. New Bedford in a friendly “Pastéis de Nata Throw-down.”

In a collaborative effort to increase tourism and help restaurants during a typically slow month, New Bedford Food ToursDestination New Bedford, and Viva Fall River are cohosting the monthlong culinary contest.

For the uninitiated, a pastel de nata is a traditional Portuguese egg custard — a ring of flaky pastry filled with a bright yellow custard, often a bit caramelized on top, sometimes topped with cinnamon. The name means “cream pastry” in Portuguese.

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