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Four Artists Whose Work You’ve Just Gotta See

Sep 16, 2021 | Small Business

In the second installment of GQ’s Fresh Paint series, we visit the studios of four visual artists who are making the art world lively and engaging right now.

Farshad Farzankia

B. 1980

No one has ever looked cooler answering a Zoom call than Farshad Farzankia. Rolling a cigarette while perched on a stool in a studio flooded with sunlight, the painter cuts a wry, Dylan-esque figure. Fittingly, Bob Dylan happens to be one of his heroes. A Copenhagen transplant born in Tehran, Farzankia creates canvases that feature abstracted visages floating through existential landscapes while gnashing teeth or skulls hover close by. The work is as indebted to cinema as it is to mythology. Since slipping into the scene only a few years ago, the artist has seen his paintings sell out at art fairs and has conjured knockout solo shows at venues like Andersen’s in Copenhagen—and his first museum exhibition is up now at Denmark’s Arken.

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