Viva Fall River

‘Fall River hype shop’: Here’s how Viva Fall River’s Pop-up Shop is promoting the city.

Sep 29, 2022 | Press, Small Business, Visit, Viva Downtown

Ashley Schuler

The Herald News

FALL RIVER — There’s a unique Spindle City spot looking to bring some exciting new energy to downtown.

While the South Main Street site first opened its doors back in June, this Wednesday  marked the official introduction of what organizers are calling a “Fall River hype shop.”

The shop’s mission, according to Viva Fall River Executive Director Patti Rego, is to showcase the city’s talent by shining “a spotlight on the local makers and craftspeople who keep Fall River’s entrepreneurial spirit alive.”

“We want this spot to be a place where you can get items that are made in Fall River, items that are branded Fall River,” said Rego, who hopes the shop will draw visitors for the holiday shopping season.