Viva Fall River

Cafe owner helping downtown Fall River blossom. New restaurants and stores are coming.

May 20, 2024 | Small Business, Viva Downtown

Dan Medeiros, The Herald News
Published May 20, 2024

ALL RIVER — With some care and collaboration, a corner of Fall River’s downtown is starting to flower. 

“I’ve really been focusing on bringing in new entrepreneurs into Fall River with a focus on job creation,” said Joseph Holdiman, owner of Thyme Blossom

His restaurant and cafe has been thriving at 10 Purchase St., serving coffee, breakfast, lunch and baked goodies. But in the last few years Holdiman has taken on the role of mentor for small-business owners and begun to revitalize his corner of downtown in a way he hopes spreads. 

Thyme Blossom owner Joseph Holdiman owns both 10 Purchase St. and its neighbor, 30 Bedford St., in Fall River.

Holdiman owns the Buffington Building at 10 Purchase and its neighbor, the former Fall River Cooperative Bank building at 30 Bedford St. He rents space and provides incubator space for up-and-coming businesses that complement what he’s doing at Thyme Blossom, giving their owners mentorship, equipment and a place to grow — with a focus on people who are from marginalized communities, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities or people who were raised below the poverty line.