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Automate Your Marketing Efforts

E-mail Marketing, Marketing, Small Business, Social Media | January 8th, 2021

by Jennifer Foley of Ballast Advisory

Social media and customer engagement is daunting – especially if it nags at you every day of the month. You will always feel like you aren’t doing enough or are thinking about opportunities that have been missed. The best way to combat this is to plan ahead – and use automated marketing to tackle the communication across social platforms and email.

Plan Ahead

On a periodic basis (bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly) set aside time to look at the calendar ahead. Are there any specific holidays to plan for? From St Patrick’s Day to National Pizza Day, there can be a pre-crafted message that works for your audience.

Some tips?


Automating planned posts
Since you’ve done all the hard work of planning your posts, scheduled posting is a natural next step. You can leverage many 3rd party tools (like Planoly or Later) to craft and schedule your posts. The tools will automatically post them at the scheduled time!

Leverage co-posting to multiple platforms
Yes, sometimes it makes more sense to have a specific strategy for each platform. But – when you are just trying to get rolling, you can post the same thing to both platforms. There are many tools out there that let you create and schedule the same creative for multiple platforms.

Email marketing
When using an email marketing platform (like Mailchimp), you can automatically send emails to new subscribers. This email list is a very powerful tool! When you are planning your social posting for the month, don’t forget to think about including an email. Just like posts they can be scheduled in advance too. Here are some ideas:


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