Own a piece of Fall River. Garage Gallery is nearly ready to open with locally made art.

Nov 15, 2022 | Arts & Culture, Community, Press

By Dan Medeiros – The Herald News

FALL RIVER — Dean Diogo has an eye for beauty in the Fall River area, and is bringing that to the opening of a new art space.

Diogo, a professional photographer, is preparing to open Garage Gallery on Thompson Street off President Avenue, just around the corner from Ledoux & Co. salon and spa. Diogo and his crew are nearly done with renovating a mechanic’s garage to create a space where he can display and sell his photos and feature other artists’ work.

“I just want to give people an opportunity to buy affordable art and not have to spend, especially the way things are going today,” Diogo said.

Diogo has dozens upon dozens of high-quality photos that depict the area’s beauty — sunsets sparkling on the Taunton River, landscapes dark and lush, the icons of Fall River’s skyline — printed on paper, canvas, or behind acrylic. They’ll be hanging up for viewing and for people to buy and beautify their own homes.

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